Grasshopper Setup

by Dimitrie Stefanescu
2 min read. Posted on Tue, Mar 28, 2017

Step 0: What’s in the box

The releases contain both the Speckle Grasshopper Clients as well as the Speckle User Data Utils (more to come).

Step 1: Download the latest version.

Head over to Speckle Grasshopper’s release page.

If you want to grab a specific version, feel free. Nevertheless, it usually best to download the latest version (ie highest release number).

Step 2: Installation

Close Rhino and Grasshopper if you have them running by any chance.

Unzip the downloaded zip and copy and paste the two folders in the Grasshopper components folder:


Make sure that all dll and gha files are not in the root folder but in their own folder called SpeckleSendReceive.

Step 3: Create Your First Account

Fire Rhino and Grasshopper up. The Speckle Components should appear in their own tab, called Speckle. Wow! Smooth sailing so far.


When you will first drag a Speckle Sender or Speckle Receiver component to the canvas, a dialog will ask you to create an account (or use an existing one).

Since I’m assuming you are a new user, let’s go ahead and make a new one:


  • Server Url: use or, if you deployed your own, your ip/url address.
  • Email: your email address.
  • Password: your password.
  • Confirm: confirm your password.

Click register, and voila! You should be up and running: you can now send data between clients connected to the server. Get your friends to join in the fun 😎

Next steps

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