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Use speckle clients to break down your design workflow into discrete entities.

Posted on Tue, Mar 28, 2017 | 1 min read

Pleaese note that this video is using speckle.streams components. It is shown here just as a demonstrator on how you can use speckle to split up your parametric definitions into more managable chunks using the power of the interweb.

The scenario:

  • TOP LEFT CORNER: Morty the volumetric sketcher. He has a knack for seductive shapes. He’s responsible for the building outline.
  • TOP RIGHT CORNER: Theresa, the facade and panelisation expert. She’s in charge of elaborating and detailing the roof geometry.
  • BOTTOM LEFT CORNER: Rick is the spaceplanner. He’s in charge of defining the building’s interiors.
  • BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER: Bob is the master manager. He collects data from Morty, Theresa and Rick and prepares reports and quantification files.

If you’re yawning through this video, skip towards the end or increase the playback speed to 2x from the player’s settings button.

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