Speckle Model Viewer

by Dimitrie Stefanescu
2 min read. Posted on Mon, Jun 5, 2017


Viewing Streams

Any stream that’s sent through speckle can be viewed online.

That’s quite simple. Just head over to https://s003.speckle.works/view/ and click the red plus button in the corner.

For the hackers, just appednd your streamIds to the url after a question mark, like this: https://s003.speckle.works/view/?H1YX_M4GZ,Sk8rGmNfb

You can log in or just continue as a guest. Logging in allows you to save views and change layer materials.

Overlaying streams

As you can see, you are not restricted to the number of streams you can view at the same time. This is to encourage modularity - so split up your models in whatever pieces makes sense.

Feature: Data Richness

My favourite is viewing object user data. You have attached some custom user data in grasshopper, using the Speckle Custom User Data plugin, it will be displayed in the browser if you click on the respective object.


There is a planned “tabular” interface that will help you export directly csvs (or json)

Feature: Layers and Materials

Change colours, edge display, wireframes, transparency. PS: You can’t do that for coloured meshes. They use their vertex colours, so you can’t assign them an absolute colour.


Feature: Comments

If you’re logged in you can leave annoying view-linked comments. Clicking on one will swoooosh you back to that view. img You can swoosh swoosh a lot. It’s great fun.


Head over to github: https://github.com/didimitrie/SpeckleViewer and clone the repo. You will need to modify the ./dist/config.js file to fit your deployment details. It’s rather self-descriptive, it just exports a global object with info:

var SpkAppConfig = {
  serverUrl: 'http://localhost:8080',
  allowGuestAccess: true,
  logoUrl: 'https://company.png'

window.SpkAppConfig = SpkAppConfig

It’s rather important to serve things to https and make sure the server is allowing cors.


Please file any issues you encounter in the github repo: Head over to github: https://github.com/didimitrie/SpeckleViewer/issues

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