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by Dimitrie Stefanescu
2 min read. Posted on Sat, Sep 30, 2017

Design data communication around complex projects is too big a issue to be handled in a centralized fashion. Furthermore, stakeholders have their own, project specific requirements when it comes to guaranteeing project data safety and all the issues around non-disclosure agreements - it’s sometimes a schizophrenic world, but it’s what we have to deal with.

Speckle is released under the MIT License - in case you’re wondering, it’s one of the most permissive licenses out there - for this specific reason: anyone is free to do take Speckle and deploy it as they see fit:

  • internally: speckle.company.intranet
  • on a per-project basis: project-x023.company.com
  • at a company level: speckle.company.com
  • as a SaaS: super-aec-data.com

So if you’re a small office with a spare computer, you’re good to go. If you’re ready to go next level, rent a £20/month virtual machine and unleash the fun of sharing design data around.

Most importantly, we believe that it is good to dogfood your own principles: Speckle aims to enable a transparent and open design process, so why not apply that at a licensing level? Paraphrasing Linus Torvalds,

You can trust Speckle because you actually don’t need to.

This leads to a different landscape where information is not centralised in files or service providers. Project information can be spread organically around stakeholders and Speckle deployments and selectively opened up based on needs arising from collaboration models, thus opening up new avenues for looking at the social and information architecture of collaboration in complex - or simple - design projects.

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