Open Data Rich Design.

SpeckleWorks is an open source initiative for developing an extensible design & aec data communication protocol and platform.

Here's a rather opaque white paper that goes into more detail. For more colourful content, here's a playlist with some videos showing off speckle at various points in his time.

Do you want to contribute? All the code is right here, on github.

Everything is released under the MIT Licence, and released into the speckleworks' organizational umbrella on github.

Don't want to deploy yourself? Take Speckle GH for a test run.

Docs: Assorted Knowledge

Speckle Model Viewer

A quick runthrough the Speckle Online Viewer (release 1)

Speckle User Data Utils

Delivering the **Rich** in **Data Rich Design**: create your own custom smart objects.

Speckle Sender & Receiver

A snappy intro to data sending in grasshopper.

Grasshopper Setup

Speckle installation run through for Grasshopper.

Multi-User Workflow (gh)

Use speckle clients to break down your design workflow into discrete entities.

About: People, Academia & Industry

Speckle is growing out of research undertaken at UCL The Bartlett and InnoChain as an ecosystem of software tools that aims to enable enable a flexible data rich desigpn workflow between any stakeholders of any industry, thus allowing for a richer and more productive design environment. Read more.