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by Dimitrie Stefanescu
1 min read. Posted on Sun, Oct 1, 2017

After some hacking, Speckle is ready to roll out v.0.0.3. Here’s what’s new:

Api Docs

Improved and much expanded. A host of new methods have been added in the hope that they will make future plug-in & client development easier. Check them out here.

Server side:


The server now supports querying on stream objects as well as objects. Routes that support queries:

Diffing & Cloning

You can now quickly do a ‘diff’ between two streams, as well as branch streams off each other.


Some new components to help out with the work-flow and general hacking, including:

  • My Accounts - lists your speckle accounts
  • My Streams - lists your speckle streams for an account
  • Serialise / Deserialise objects (test the conversion to speckle and back)
  • Expand Object - uses reflection to output all the values in an object.
  • Stream Controller - used in combination with the Speckle Sliders Viewer for magic: